Could the use of rare languages be a marketing asset to your company?

In a globalised world, companies are increasingly seeking to reach new targets by addressing them in their native language. Consumers are increasingly attracted to services and products from companies that present to them in their preferred language, which is putting rare languages are in greater demand. 

The ability to localize content into rare languages such as: Farsi, Hausa, Swahili, Hmong or Khmer has therefore become a great asset for expanding into new markets and attracting new targets.

But using rare languages requires a service provider who understands these languages and can handle them with ease.  2OO2 Studios Media has over 10 years’ experience in video dubbing, VoiceOver work and content localization, which is broad and deep enough to enable the team to handle many different languages and dialects.

Companies that learn to use these languages gain several advantages:

  • First come, first served: entering new markets in rare language communities allows your company to make the first significant connections in untapped markets. 
  • An opportunity to reach new markets: localizing in new languages also allows you to reach new communities that speak the same language as a universal means of communication. 
  • A better return on investment: although English has become the universal language in the world, research suggests that many consumers are less likely to consume on websites – or from brands – available only in English. Therefore, translating content into the native language increases the chances that your products and services will be better understood by consumers, and therefore purchased. 

Today, translating content into rare languages has become a challenge for companies and can present certain risks such as:

  • A lack of relevant terminology.
  • Lack of local translators.
  • Technical limitations.

2002 Studios Media Limited can help you with our experience in localization projects in both common and rare languages. Our extensive network provides us with the necessary translation resources for your target markets, as well as established – and growing – database of professional VoiceOver artists. Our team of passionate engineers is ready to take on these challenges to meet your needs in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality work.

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