How new year is celebrated in 5 different countries?

Moving from one year to the next is always a unique moment. Celebrations are not the same throughout the world, it is not just all fireworks and glittery ball drops everywhere. Some populations celebrate by eating 12 grapes, while other smash fine china… Companies must adapt and localize their content according to the customs and traditions of each country, which is what they have done for this New Year’s Eve. If you want to adapt your communication to the customs of different countries for next New Year, here is an article made for you.

1. Eating Grapes in Spain

Get your New Year’s health resolution off to a good start, thanks to Spain’s tradition of eating 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight. It is harder than it sounds, but if you are successful, tradition says you will have a year of prosperity. The place to do this is in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid for Nochevieja (or New Year’s Eve). Every year, a huge crowd gathers with 12 grapes in one hand and a glass of cava in the other.

2. Smashing plates in Denmark

Smashing something against someone’s house may be considered bad luck…but definitely not in Denmark. Danish hold on to chipped dishes and glasses all year just for New Year’s Eve. That night, most of them, go in front of the house of their neighbours, family, friends and smash the plates against the front door. The more debris on your front doorstep, the more popular you are and the luckier you will be the following year.

3. Jumping seven waves in Brazil

In winter, we are all for a bit of warmth, and if we went to the side of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The tradition in Rio de Janeiro is to jump 7 waves dressed in white, and if you make an offering to the ocean, including a bouquet of flowers, it will bring you luck for the coming year.

4. New Year’s Eve in Japan

In Japan, New Year’s Eve (or also called Omisoka) is celebrated by ringing bells in Buddhist temples. However, instead of dozen times, ringing a bell 108 times, according to the Buddhist tradition is thought to dispel negative emotions and mentalities.

5. Travelling light

In fact, pack nothing at all! In South America, in particular in Colombia, people take empty suitcases and run around the block as fast as they can. It is supposed to guarantee a year filled with travel, which will hopefully be possible in 2021. Fingers crossed 😊

In any case, you need to adapt your content and communication to the countries, cultures, and regions in which you need to get your message across. That is why it is essential to be aware of the traditions of the countries before launching a marketing campaign. At 2002 Studios Media, we are experts in content localization and would be happy to localize yours.
So, for 2023, our teams wish you an excellent year and remain at your entire disposal to provide you with the service you need.

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