How to make a corporate video?

The corporate video or corporate film is a medium generally used on the internet to get a message across to a company’s target market. It should be a dynamic and attractive piece of content, used in particular on social networks. To help in the creation of the video, you can partner with a localization and multimedia agency who can advise you on the design and management of the video in order to obtain the best results.

What is the role of a multimedia production agency?

A multimedia production agency is an agency that specialises in the production of audiovisual content such as videos, audio and/or graphics. At 2002 Studios Media, we specialize in content localization, post-production of corporate videos, product and service presentations and tutorials. As you can imagine, this is a specific format that requires specialist knowledge and skills, which is why it is appropriate to trust a dedicated agency. They should not only have the necessary equipment for the editing of the corporate video, but also real linguistic expertise which will allow the creation of content adapted to the target market and which will correspond to the message that you wish to put across.

What are the types of corporate videos?

The corporate video has its own specific codes, so it is possible to distinguish between different types of corporate videos. The interview, for example, is a popular type of corporate video on the internet. An interview allows you to deliver the desired information through a format which is suitable for social networks, emailing, publication on a website or internal communications.

An interesting corporate video to make is also for ‘event-based’. This consists of creating a summary video of an event organised by the company. Animations and graphic elements can then be added and the images chosen according to the desired result. It is a corporate film that allows the atmosphere and success of an event to be captured. This can, of course, be combined with the interview format.

A corporate video can also be a classic corporate film that presents the company. Various images of products, services, premises and employees in action are then used to convey the desired message in the video. This type of content is particularly relevant to allow everyone to discover more about the business (e.g. for potential new hires). Presentation videos can also be made using motion design. With the help of animated texts, characters or graphic elements, your message is conveyed in a didactic way.

What are the steps involved in creating a corporate video?

The creation of a video requires several steps to be taken into consideration. Indeed, even before calling on an audiovisual agency, the company must define several key elements:

–       the objective of the video;

–       the message to be conveyed;

–       the target audience;

–       the type of video desired.

These first steps are essential in order to define -and then achieve- the expected result. The next step is to share your project with an agency such as 2002 Studios Media in order to know the possibilities available to you and to define your project even more precisely. You can define your projects on the 2002 Studios website ( Once the project has been confirmed and signed off, we can assist you with the script development, content localisation and post-production.

Why choose to make a video?

Whether you want to present a company, a brand, a product, a project, an event or anything else, video is a particularly relevant medium. Indeed, it is content that can be used on a website, in a newsletter, on social networks or for internal communications. This type of content is particularly dynamic and allows you to keep the attention of the Internet user and to deliver the desired information in their language and culture in an original way.

The production of a video can therefore make a real difference when you want to communicate about your activity, and even more so through digital tools. The video can also be easily shared, which makes it an even more relevant communication tool when you want to gain visibility. The expertise of an audiovisual production agency will then be welcome in order to create the desired video to deliver its message to its target market in an effective and relevant way. Opting for video as a means of communication therefore offers many advantages for a company!

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