What impact does the voice-over have on your video?

In an increasingly competitive business world, creating an impact on the customer which is what makes them want to continue working with you is so important. One of the keys is to keep your audience’s attention span as long as possible

And what better way to keep their attention than to talk to them directly instead of just presenting them pictures

If you haven’t yet considered incorporating a voice over into your content, you may change your mind after reading this article

Nowadays, in the numeric age where all the information and videos are increasingly short and numerous, it’s essential to capture the interest of your audience in a few seconds. Because the consumer is increasingly demanding and picky, and even without wanting to, chooses a product that attracts them and is made for them.

So as you can see, without differentiation from the competitors, it will be very difficult to make the difference and you will be lost in the middle of hundreds of other companies like yours.

That’s why we are going to talk about the benefits of adding a voice over

First of all, the voice over is a narrative voice that may be present in any audio-visual production. It’s the voice that delivers a message, tells the story, or gives additional information that the images alone can’t convey.

Your voice over will embody the identity of the brand and the product, adding a real value to your video. This video will look better with a voice over. Indeed, presenting to your customers an advertisement, a promotion or even a corporate video with a narrative voice gives you content credibility.

You should know that even realising it, we have voice over in our daily lives (radio, tv, documentary.). We therefore unconsciously have a feeling of trust towards it. Moreover, not neglecting this aspect shows your professionalism to the client because he sees that you have taken the time to present your content well, which will make him want to spend time watching your video.

A good voice over will give your video the perfect tone to the message. Pauses, louder sounds.. all of these need to be done effectively. When your video is lively you capture your audience by telling them a story and making sure they understand what you are trying to get across.

A video, a film, an ad without sound or without any indication can be misinterpreted. Your message has to be understood by everyone, so it has to be very effective, and that means conveying the message perfectly. The voice allows you to be clear and to enrich your images by giving them value. Adding another sense to sight, which is hearing, helps your audience to be impacted by your message.

Finally, voiceover can have a positive impact on the growth of your business or projects. If you decide to export your services and products abroad, it is important to realise that a message in one country does not have the same meaning in another. This is why hiring the services of a native voiceover artist is a way of ensuring that your message is perfectly understood, no matter where you communicate.

It should be noted that no artificial voice-over software can match a natural voice, as a voice-over is not simply a person speaking into a microphone and reading a text. It’s a profession that is therefore carried out by professionals with experience.

To do this, don’t hesitate to turn to 2002 Studios, which has been specialising in this field for many years. 2002 Studios Media will be able to find a professional and native voice-over artist who perfectly matches your expectations and needs.

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