What materials for a recording session ?

Having a great voice to record a voice over is obviously the most important thing for a good quality recording. But it is important to know that without the right conditions and equipment, the result will not reflect your potential at all.

That’s why we’re going to look at how to make your voiceover performance as suitable as possible for the client, so that he or she will potentially renew his or her trust in you.

Before that I invite you to read the very good article ‘3 reasons to record in a Professional studio’ which explains well all the benefits of a recording studio to ensure a perfect rendering for the projects.

The first essential element when you want to lend your voice to a recording is obviously the microphone. It’s with this equipment your voice will be captured, so it must be the best possible and the most sensitive to the slightest details for an optimal rendering. But if the microphone is sensitive, it is important to be able to record in a place where you will not be disturbed by wind noise, car noise or ringing phones. Recording in a soundproof and acoustically treated studio is therefore essential.

In this studio you should also have other accessories that are essential for a good recording, such as headphones, a second screen or a pop shield.

– Headphones : They are useful for listening to yourself in real time, to see if what you are saying suits you or if you have to start again. This avoids having to wait for the replay to have to re-record any mistakes. It also allows you to focus on your script.

– A screen that must be different from the one used for recording because the different devices connected to it can make noise and therefore alter your takes. This screen will be used to display your script and the video if one exists.

– Finally, the Pop Shield, an accessory which is not necessarily thought of by everyone but which is very important to avoid plosive sounds often produced by the pronunciation of words beginning with B or P

The last set of elements, a little more technical this time, is the computer part. Indeed, a powerful and fast computer is necessary. It must be able to support the various audio software programs (also available: Protools for example), the various audio files that you have recorded or the various sound recording devices (sound card, loudspeaker…)

As you can see, to produce your best voice, there are many elements to take into account. Some are cheap, others are more expensive, but the hardest part is the quiet and controlled room. Also remember, that for longer jobs OR dubbing jobs having a dedicated engineer can both reduce the time spent, and also improve quality as having a second set of hands, brains and ears can improve the process.

That’s why the best solution is to record in a professional recording studio such as 2002 Studios Media LTD. With all its experience, professional team and optimal equipment for this type of need, 2002 Studios Media will take care of your project and manage all or part of it, including: script preparation, translation, audio recording, post-production, subtitling and motion graphics text localisation.

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