The Real Time Marketing

You always keep up to date with the latest news and check the social networks every day. You ‘like’ most companies and brands that create content by reacting to the news. The Real-Time Marketing is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the power of ‘now’. But what exactly is Real Time Marketing, and how it is used by companies?

The Real Time Marketing, the opportunity in real time

Real Time Marketing is a communication practice which consists, as its name indicates, of reacting in real time to a mediatized event or a current event which is highly visible. The reactive potential of companies has never been so important and has been accelerated in recent years by social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The Real Time Marketing allows “punchy”, brief and targeted communication actions with a powerful strike force, all at a lower cost.

The textbook case: Oreo on Twitter

The most famous example to date is the tweet from Oreo during the Super Bowl final in 2013. During a power outage had plunged the stadium into darkness for roughly thirty minutes. This evening, the famous biscuit brand undoubtedly realized its best marketing coup. The brand reacted on the social networks, notably on Twitter, and tweeted: “Power out? No problem” accompanied by a photo of the biscuit on a dark background and the punch line “You can still dunk in the dark!”. A post that will be retweeted more than 14,000 times and will allow the brand to become a textbook case.

An indispensable practice for certain brands

In these very painful and difficult times, Burger King has made use of Real Time Marketing for several occasions. Burger King’s RTM communications have been a great success, both with consumers and communications professionals. Burger King’s success in Real Time Marketing is based on a history of very often humorous communications towards its main competitor: McDonald’s. Burger King does not hesitate to make fun of its main competitor while remaining respectful and keeping as an objective the values that the brand wishes to transmit, namely “a modern brand, in complicity with its consumers”.

Burger King has a great command of Real Time Marketing. However, for a brand that does not know the ‘rules’, this can produce counter-intuitive effect. Indeed, some ideas can be misinterpreted by the consumer and cause a “bad buzz”. The current period is forcing companies to be active in their communication, but they must think carefully before resorting to Real Time Marketing. However, this strategy must be prepared and organised, even if it is done in real time, it must be thought out and studied.

That is why, before publishing any content, whether it be posts on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or more, it is essential to localize the text and the image to adapt them to different culture worldwide. At 2002 Studios Media, we can localize content in a very short delay, which is what we already do for some of the world’s largest brands by localizing their “throwaway” social content.
So, stay connected and communicate 🙂

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